Pastor John Walker, Jr.
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Pastor   John   Walker,   Jr.   is   a   licensed   ordained   minister   of   the   Gospel   of   God’s Kingdom.      He   is   Pastor   of   “Walls   of   Salvation   Church   Ministries”   located   in Pensacola,   Florida.      Pastor   Walker   acknowledged   his   call   to   Pastor   and   to minister   the   Gospel   in   1992.      In   preparation   for   this   call,   he   completed   the Clerical   major   at   the   Reverend   Steven   Kenneth   Wright   School   of   Ministry   at   From   the   Heart   Church   Ministries   and   the   Bride   of Christ   School   of   Ministry   in   Maryland.      Pastor   Walker   began   to   fulfill   his   call   by   serving   others   at   office   bible   studies.      The purpose   of   these   bible   studies   were   to   teach   all   races   and   creeds   the   Word   of   God   and   to   make   disciples   for   the   Lord   Jesus Christ.      While   ministering   at   the   bible   studies,   Pastor   Walker   was   also   committed   to   teach   faithful   men   who   would   be   able   to teach   others.      He   also   began   a   street   evangelism   outreach   megaphone   ministry   in   the   streets   of   Washington,   D.C.,   where   he “cried   aloud   and   spared   not”   as   he   boldly   preached   the   Gospel   of   the   Kingdom.     Additionally,   he   started   a   Metro   Train   Transit Ministry   in   Washington,   D.C.,   where   he   boldly   ministered   the   Gospel   aboard   the   Metro   train   for   6   consecutive   months   following the   September   11,   2001   attack   on   the   United   States.      Pastor   Walker   has   directed   and   served   in   various   ministerial   outreach and   discipleship   capacities   since   1992   including   Class   Leader   Ministry,   Sick   and   Shut   In   Ministry,   Ministry   of   Knowledge, Community Outreach and Discipleship Ministry. Pastor Walker served in the United States Navy and attended Marion Military Institute.  He is a native Floridian and the husband of Elder Dorn J.B. Walker.  They have three precious children—Tesa, Joshua, and Josiah—son-in-law, Thomas, Grand Princess, Azaria and Grand Prince, Steuart.
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