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Elder Dorn Walker
Elder   Dorn   J.B.   Walker   is   a   licensed   ordained   minister   and   co-laborer   with   Christ   as   she   ministers   the Gospel   of   God’s   Kingdom.      Since   1987,   Elder   Walker   has   served   in   various   ministerial   and   leadership capacities.      These   positions   include   Executive   Manager,   Board   of   Director   and   Trustee   Member,   Youth Ministry    Coordinator,    Physical    and    Dance    Ministry    Coordinator,    Outreach    Ministry    Administrator, Discipleship   Ministry   Coordinator,   and   Financial   Ministry   Coordinator   at   various   churches   in   the   U.S. Virgin   Islands,   Washington   D.C.,   Maryland,   and   Pensacola,   Florida.   In   preparation   for   the   formal   call   of ministry,   Elder   Walker   attended   the   Bride   of   Christ   School   of   Ministry   in   Maryland   and   trained   in   a   ministerial   capacity   at   the   Bride   of   Christ   Church   Ministries.      She currently   partners   with   her   husband   John   Walker,   Jr.,   Pastor   of   the   new   “Walls   of   Salvation   Church   Ministries”   of   Pensacola,   Florida   where   she   serves   as   the   Executive Manager   and   Minister.      Elder   Walker   is   the   author   of   “Life After   Loss:     A   Journey   into   Wholeness”   (published   in   1995   and   remained   on   the   publisher’s   consistent   seller list   for   more   than   5   years).      The   book   depicts   her   personal   testimony   and   call   to   help   others   suffering   from   emotional   hurts.     Additionally,   she   is   founder   of   the   Oil   of   Joy Ministry, a prophetic evangelistic outreach to those with broken lives, including prisoners and AIDS patients.  Elder   Walker’s   unique   prophetic   evangelism   approach   to   ministry   encompasses   her   call   to   the   complete   person—spirit,   soul,   and   body   (I   Thessalonians   5:23).      This ministry   approach   includes   preaching   and   publishing   the   good   news   of   the   Gospel,   ministering   at   Women’s   conferences,   motivational   seminars,   workshops,   and retreats,   as   well   as   ministering   the   Gospel   through   praise   and   worship   dances   and   fitness   classes.      Elder   Walker   is   a   member   of   the   International   Dance   Commission   of Dancing   Preachers   and   has   been   trained   in   Dr.   Edward   Smith’s   counseling   approach   to   healing   from   emotional   pain   (God’s   power   to   illuminate   the   darkened   areas   of people’s minds).   Elder   Walker   is   a   native   U.S.   Virgin   Islander   and   graduate   of   the   University   of   the   Virgin   Islands   where   she   completed   an   undergraduate   degree   in Accounting.      She   also completed   graduate   courses   in   Public   Administration   from   the   U.S.   Department   of   Agriculture   Graduate   School   in   partnership   with   the   American   University   in Washington,   D.C.      Her   graduate   course   work   included   a   year   long   Senior   Executive   Core   Qualifications   and   Leadership   Competency   training   in   the   areas   of   Leading Change,   Leading   People,   Results   Driven,   Business Acumen,   and   Building   Coalition   and   Communications.      She   is   the   wife   of   Pastor   John   Walker,   Jr.      and   the   mother   of three precious children—Tesa, Joshua, and Josiah--son-in-law, Thomas, Grand Princess, Azaria and Grand Prince, Steuart.
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